July 20th, 2018

Welcome back to Friday!

Are you ready? I’m ready!

Let’s go!!

Below The Surface Amsterdam

Below The Surface Amsterdam

“Along the banks of the Amstel, at its mouth in the IJ, a small trading port originated about 800 years ago. At Damrak and Rokin in the city centre, archaeologists had a chance to physically access the riverbed, thanks to the excavations for the massive infrastructure project of the North/South metro line between 2003 and 2012.”

This is a really comprehensive website documenting allllll the stuff they found when they dredged the River Amstel.

I find this fascinating.

It’s making the rounds. It’s worth it.

Road Trip

Road Trip

“This app will read to you about the places and points of interest you drive by.”

As you drive, as long as you have location turned on, and an active network connection, this app will ready from wikipedia entries found

in my case (at my office, not driving) it decided to tell me about The West Mall, a Toronto neighborhood.

You can skip ahead. It seems to primarily talk about geographic locations, not necessarily pop culture or historical topics.

But it’s also pretty new. I love this idea.

Random Object Generator | Science Museum Group Collection

Random Object Generator | Science Museum Group Collection

[self explanatory]

It updates every 10 seconds. It really is “random”, too.

Microbe Chain

Microbe Chain

Basically: keep your little microbe inside the circle.

It gets pretty difficult. There are also “power-ups”, not all of which are beneficial.

Bonus Link!

badly photoshopped timmy

badly photoshopped timmy

“turns out Timothée Chalamet has been an inspiration to artists as far back as da Vinci”

Odd. But I like it!

It’s apparently blowing up also. Yay! (Yay?)

Happy Friday everybody!

See you next week.