August 10th, 2018

Welcome to your Friday Links.

I hope it’s not too hot where you are. Or too flooded. Etc. My city got both in the past few days. Yikes.

Here we go…

Lucy Sparrow

Lucy Sparrow

“In May 2017, Lucy undertook her first solo show in the US, opening The Convenience Store, a New York bodega stocked with 9,000 felted artworks. Scheduled to run for a month, the store was an instant hit, selling out in just over two weeks to a constant stream of art lovers, most of whom had queued for an hour to visit the store.”

She hand-creates each item out of felt. These are amazing.

Her official website┬áhad hit bandwidth limits when I found this, but it’s also worth a look.



You guess film titles based on the emoji you’re presented with.

I got pretty far but they become really difficult really quickly.

Sol Coffee

Sol Coffee

“This innovative mobile architectural experience is built from an upcycled 1979 Toyota camper truck powered by onboard solar energy.

“As a direct service mobile unit we are available for special events, catering, festivals, farmer markets, and street locations throughout Colorado.”

I wonder if they’ll get into franchising. This is a pretty great idea.

A multi-player soccer game.

Super fun! Very challenging.

And that’s that! Friday Links: accomplished!

Have a great (moderately temperate, dry) weekend everybody.