December 7th, 2018 – Xmas Gift Guide Edition 🎄

Hello again, and welcome to your December Friday Links!

It’s time for the Friday Links Xmas Gift and Giving Guide for 2018! As such, this is a longer than usual email.

As with every December, I can’t believe it’s already here. The year felt like it went by super quickly. Maybe not for you, in which case: congratulations.

My go-to’s for every Xmas:

And a couple of new ones for this year:

[And (if you’re into that kind of thing,) Goop.]

ThinkGeek has a pretty good list of overall “gifts” but otherwise has everything broken into categories like “techies”, “Her universe”, etc., which they define as “interests”. Worth a look. Definitely some unique items there.

Now Magazine: Toronto’s best holiday markets, street fairs and fleas 2018
Now Magazine: Toronto’s best holiday markets, street fairs and fleas 2018

Now Magazine has a list of the best Christmas markets, flea markets and street fairs in Toronto.

And of course there are a lot of good lists of charities to give to, as there are every year.

I’d personally like to highlight the ongoing crisis in Syria, which has for many years required financial support to protect their citizens from further strife during what appears to be an endless war there.

The UN Refugee Agency
The UN Refugee Agency

The UN Refugee Agency has a donation page which I recommend.

Canada took in a large number of Syrian refugees over the past year, and they also need our help. You can donate to the Canadian Council for Refugees. That organization does important work to help these people settle and survive.

And then besides that there are these charitable efforts:

Canada Helps: Charitable Gift Guide
Canada Helps: Charitable Gift Guide

Canada Helps has a Charitable Gift Guide which is worth a look.

Covenant House is a Toronto shelter for homeless youth, who could also use our help this year.

UK Homeless assistance tips

You can also make your own homeless backpack care package like this guy did back in 2014.

There are likely homeless missions in your city that could use these, or of course cash donations.

If you want to see some Christmas light displays – especially the really blown out ones – there are a lot of guides for those too.

Or maybe you know a family that needs some help this holiday season. Or maybe you don’t, but want to help in any way you can.

In Toronto, Holiday Helpers has a goal this year of “delivering Christmas to 600 GTA families”. That’s a tall order, and they could used our help.

Similar “adopt a family” efforts are available for Hamilton, Calgary, and Vancouver. Guaranteed you can find one in your own community no matter where you live.

And of course I wish you a happy holiday, a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, and a wonderful Kwanzaa. However you celebrate this season, I hope it’s awesome.

And now! Some links.

Ink / Oscillations

Ink / Oscillations

“Some organic lines and waves, thought on computer, then patiently drawn by a hand-made drawing machine. Here, the computer and the machine do not involve any generative process, but are used only as performing tools in the creative process.”

Created by Fabien Bouchard.

These are beautiful!

You can buy prints in their online store.

D-day landings scenes in 1944 and now

D-day landings scenes in 1944 and now

Very carefully aligned photographs of WWII D-Day landing sites, and how they appear today.

Really well done. I’m late to the game with this item from 2014 but it still looks great.

Make your own Die Hard tree ornaments!

Make your own Die Hard tree ornaments!

Self explanatory.

Someone should update it with an led flickering flame light for the lighter.

People Power

People Power

“In this post-apocalyptic hellscape, feeding citizens to giant robots is the only way to generate electricity for the rich.”

I mean… yeah, duh!

This is a challenging little game. You drag individual things on to the screen in order to guide the “citizens” into the chomping jaws of the giant robot. It definitely takes some trial and error.

Bonus Link!

Chocolates By Ryan L Foote

Chocolates By Ryan L Foote

“Ryan L Foote has set out to create chocolates that are both visually engaging and are reflective of contemporary design, while also discussing our multicultural world.”

I mean I’ve never bought or eaten a chocolate so I can “discuss” anything before. But these look amazing. Extremely intricately designed.

There is a shop of course, and (just a warning) they are quite, quite expensive.

And this concludes this week’s Friday Links!

Only 17 shopping days left until feasting day everybody.

Stay warm, stay safe, and see you in a week.