February 1st, 2019


It’s Friday. And so, so cold.

And February!

Readyyyyyyyy? Go!

Top Of The Spots

Top Of The Spots

“Which song has been played more on Spotify?”

More challenging (and probably more depressing) than you think.

Kutarq: Sp!n

Kutarq: Sp!n

“The Sp!n spinning top creates an optical illusion of levitation. When spinning the top, an exclamation mark appears. More than a simple toy, Sp!n is a tool that can be used to relieve stress or reduce anxiety.”

It spins for a super long time too. In some cases as long as five minutes. (!)

Unclear where they can ship this but you can buy one here for 972 Yen (~$9 USD.)



“A Support Vector Machine Implementation for Sign Language Recognition”

This is an overtly “sciency” page but it’s to present a new invention: gloves that produce speech when the wearer uses sign language.

This is a pretty groundbreaking invention. It appears to be early days for it but still: great, great idea!

Drawer Simulator

Drawer Simulator

This is a weird little game.

You can only use arrow keys to wiggle, push, pull, wiggle (etc) a rickety drawer full of kitchen utensils.

It’s challenging!!

And that’s that! Alllll linked up.

See you next week!