June 7th, 2019

Happy Friday everybody!

Ahhh June. I like it! (Finally.)



View the current position and name of thousands of currently orbiting satellites.

It doesn’t deep link into their function, but it’s pretty cool

ReMake My Day

ReMake My Day

“In recent years, as many as one in 20 of Hollywood’s highest-grossing movies have been revamped versions of an original. While some remakes go on to be critically acclaimed Academy Award winners, others should have probably been left alone. We analysed the ratings and profitability of remade movies vs their originals to find out which versions are more successful.”

I’ll be honest I am definitely not a fan of the interface for this. You hover over a small dot to see the original film and it’s remake’s data, rankings, favorites, etc. But if you move too fast: where was that film?

Still: interesting. Also: could someone please write more original non-remake films? Thanks.

Rock Stars Eating Breakfast

Rock Stars Eating Breakfast

[self explanatory]

On an entire website devoted to breakfast!

Sent in by Alli M.



Suuuuper addictive game.

Click to span a ball and then click again to put it at the end of a pendulum. Let it swing and release. Repeat until you reach the exit.

Challenging and very zen.

Not available on mobile yet but it sure should be.

Sent along by Traci T..

That, as they say, is that.

Enjoy your Friday! See you next week.