June 14th, 2019


It’s finally here again!

Awesome. And now: your Friday Links!

Mayank Thammalla: Echoes Of Venice

Mayank Thammalla: Echoes Of Venice

“I have visited Venice multiple times of the last few years and each time the reflections in the canals have inexplicably enticed me.

“Time became a fragment of the imagination and reality began to question itself.

I found a sense of calmness as the reflections assured me that my reality can be what ever I can imagine, that is not consumed by societies conceptions on the world.”

Some really beautiful work here.

Of course he has an instagram account.

Bea Haines Artworks

Bea Haines Artworks

Ms. Haines is making news recently because her medium is human ashes.

A very odd choice but her work is spectacular.

City Extremes

City Extremes

“Use CityExtremes to discover the closest and farthest cities to any city.”

Some sites listing this have said it’s like “drilling through the earth” to see where you come out on the other side.

Several North American cities all end up in the ocean. Oh well.

In theory the farthest city from Toronto is Perth, Australia. I should go!

Extra Defense

Extra Defense

A 2d / top-down arcade shooter with pretty great graphics and “Asteroids”-like controls.

I like it! (I suck at it, but I like it!)

There we go! We did it! See? Easy!!

See you next Friday everybody.