August 23rd, 2019

It is Friday at last.

And only one more left in August already. How did that happen?

Are you ready?


Kirsty Elson

Kirsty Elson

“Unique driftwood sculptures, created in Cornwall”

Delightful tiny dioramas made of items found by the seashore.

Sent in by Julia M.

Found: A Stash of Mystical Charms and Amulets in Pompeii

Found: A Stash of Mystical Charms and Amulets in Pompeii

“It’s really a remarkable discovery,” says Drew Wilburn of Oberlin College, a specialist in the ancient Roman practice of magic. “Finding magic and evidence of the practice of rituals like this, it’s pretty uncommon.”

From Atlas Obscura of course.

Caution: graphic desriptions of earthquake death.

Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music

Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music

Can’t tell your breakbeat from your tech house? Now you can.

Works a lot like Google Maps, but for electronic music.

Zoom in to a particular genre and click on a segment. An example track will play.

Exhaustive and well made.

One Tap Quest

One Tap Quest

Carefully time your click, and hope your little dude makes it across the playing field.

The tension can be quite something.

And there we go!

Enjoy you nearly-last August Friday.