November 15th, 2019

Helloooooo Friday!

Mid-month already. So… so fast! Crazy.

Links time!!



A glass artist from Kyiv, Ukraine blows glass to create small glass spiders.

They’re gorgeous!

Threadless: Street Sheets

Street Sheets

Tokyo street designs on t-shirts, leggings, mats, etc. I like it!

An Original Volkswagen Beetle’s Wheel Hubs Are Turned into Fashionable Mini-Scooters

An Original Volkswagen Beetle's Wheel Hubs Are Turned into Fashionable Mini-Scooters

Aka: “VolksPods”

They look a little weird from a seating stance position. You’d have to lean pretty far forward. But still: great design.

Dodge This

Dodge This

You only get a single shot and must carefully align to take out the tiny Ninjas.

Also check out this bombshell report from about how the Houston Astros may have stolen the 2017 World Series.

Just a crazy report. Making waves.

And that’s your Friday links!

I guess it’s time to say: Happy Holidays!

See you next week, Friday fans!