January 31st, 2020

Welcome back!

It’s the last Friday of January 2020. We did it!!

Let’s take a look…

Metallica Frontman’s Built-From-Scratch Vintage Car Collection

Metallica Frontman's Built-From-Scratch Vintage Car Collection

“Hetfield, a lifelong car enthusiast, views his collection as a form of expression to convey his artistic energy and distinctive personality.”

The cars were all customized by Rick Dore Kustoms.

On display now at the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles.

However, it’s completely sold out, sorry.

There are some frankly gorgeous designs here. Just amazing.

If you like this kind of thing, I also recommend Chip Foose.

Apple Archive

Apple Archive

A carefully curated archive of all things Apple Computer, from 1977 through to today.

Beautifully designed.

Etsy: moleculartstore

Etsy: moleculartstore

“UK based store selling handmade embroidered creations”

Buries the lede: these are detailed embroideries of internal medical anatomy.

Created by Firdusi Khan from Cardiff, Wales.

These are great!



Tomolo runs. Your only task is to make sure he jumps at key moments.

Surprisingly challenging!

There ya go! There ya have it! There it is!

Enjoy your fabulous Friday.

See you in seven days.