August 28th, 2020

Welcome to the last Friday of August 2020. (Also known as March 180th, 2020.)

And look!


Prosthesis: Mech Racing | Alpha Mech Pilot Program

Prosthesis: Mech Racing | Alpha Mech Pilot Program

“Fourteen years ago our team had a grand vision for a global racing league that would pit multiple world-class athletes in head-to-head competitions, through complex, technical obstacle courses, wearing giant, powered mech suits.”

This is bananas!

I would 100% watch the hell out of these competitions though.

Somewhat making the rounds. What a crazy project!

Hey speaking of crazy projects…

Harrods for Everything

Harrods for Everything

Harrods for Everything is the apt title of a huge 1,525-page catalogue from about 1912, produced by the famous London department store which is still in existence today.”

This is fantastic. Look how much the entire world has changed just by leafing through this.

It took a pretty gargantuan effort as well.

Note: hteir server is not super fast. Takes a while to load. Still cool.

h/t: metafilter

Related: you can buy a print version of the 1901 T. Eaton Co catalog.

Hey speaking of catalogues…

IKEA kataloger: 1950-2020

IKEA kataloger: 1950-2020

Yes. You can browse all of the Ikea catalogues between 1950 and 2020.

This one is the

first one that came to my family’s mailbox in May of 1981. (in English.)

Well done.

You move a small hole, make things fall into it, and the hole grows. You also slow down the bigger you get.

Avoid other competing holes.

Simple! Challenging.

It’s kind of like Katamary Damaci, only you use gravity instead of stickiness.

And there we go: links! On a Friday! Friday Links!

Enjoy your last weekend of August 2020. Stay safe. Be well.

See you in seven days!


August 21st, 2020

Well hello Friday!

This was a packed week. Time to let loose a little bit.

To the links!

Virtual Vacation

Virtual Vacation

Choose what speed you want to go, choose your city, and meander around the place you chose.

I picked Toronto and it was snowing. 🙂 I’m okay with that.

Webamp – Winamp 2 in your browser

Webamp - Winamp 2 in your browser

It also includes some of the visualizations. Via javascript. That must have been some crazy effort.

Join me as I relive 2000 – 2008 music playing at my enormous desktop PC.

The Statues Are Fighting Back

The Statues Are Fighting Back

“We have all heard about people taking down statues as a part of protests and riots that have been happening recently. Meanwhile the statues around the world have apparently started to fight back…”

Kind of funny.

Sent in by Kate S.



“you can be a bird”

Kind of a Mario Bros. take on Flappy Bird.

There we go. Friday allll linked up.

Have a great Friday, and a fantastic weekend.

See you next Friday.


August 14th, 2020

Well hello Friday!

Mid-August already! That was fast. We’re getting through it people!

And now: some links!

Street View of 1940s New York

Street View of 1940s New York

“Between 1939 and 1941, the Works Progress Administration collaborated with the New York City Tax Department to collect photographs of every building in the five boroughs of New York City. In 2018, the NYC Municipal Archives completed the digitization and tagging of these photos. This website places them on a map.

Zoom in! Every dot is a photo.”

This is, no joke, a serious undertaking.

Making the rounds hell yes.

Africam Channels – LIVE

Africam Channels - LIVE

Watch African wildlife via a series of 24/7 live streams.

Life-like 3d render of Frederic Chopin

Life-like 3d render of Frederic Chopin

Carefully created by 3d artist Hadi Karimi based on several photographs from Chopin’s life as well as his death mask.




Another side-scrolling platformer. Your character “explodes” at predictable moments, which you need to use to progress further in the game.


Sent in by Traci T.

And there you have it. Friday all linked up.

I hope your day is good, and that you are well, and that you have an excellent weekend.

See you next Friday!


August 7th, 2020

Hello Friday folks.

It’s August!

One foot in front of the other…

Let’s go!

Future Me

Future Me

“Write a letter to the future”

Enter your email address, or the address of someone you want to receive the message. Write the message. Set a date for it to be sent.

I’ve seen a few of these since the 1990s and most of them disappeared, but I still think it’s a cool concept.

Identifying Generational Gaps in Music

Identifying Generational Gaps in Music

Discovered on BoingBoing.

“This project is inspired by a YouTube trend where Gen Z’ers film themselves listening to Queen, The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin for, astonishingly, the first time.”

“I want to quantify this: music that I assumed was culturally pervasive, but in actuality has no reason to be revered by folks outside my generation.”

A super interesting quiz / treatise on multi-generational penetration of music.

Is This the New Vivian Maier? Alberto di Lenardo

Is This the New Vivian Maier? Alberto di Lenardo

“…Stashed away in the space were more than 8,000 stunning photographs that the man, Alberto di Lenardo, took throughout his life, still perfectly preserved in all their hyper-saturated Kodachrome glory.”

A lot of Kodachrome here. Beautifully shot.

There is an Instagram feed as well.

Lifespan Candle

Lifespan Candle

You are a candle.

When you get lit, you melt, meaning you only have so much time to do things.

A super challenging side scroller.

Found by Alexis S.

And there we go! Friday! Linked up again.

I hope you are all as well as you can be.

Hopefully see you again next Friday.

Stay safe!