August 7th, 2020

Hello Friday folks.

It’s August!

One foot in front of the other…

Let’s go!

Future Me

Future Me

“Write a letter to the future”

Enter your email address, or the address of someone you want to receive the message. Write the message. Set a date for it to be sent.

I’ve seen a few of these since the 1990s and most of them disappeared, but I still think it’s a cool concept.

Identifying Generational Gaps in Music

Identifying Generational Gaps in Music

Discovered on BoingBoing.

“This project is inspired by a YouTube trend where Gen Z’ers film themselves listening to Queen, The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin for, astonishingly, the first time.”

“I want to quantify this: music that I assumed was culturally pervasive, but in actuality has no reason to be revered by folks outside my generation.”

A super interesting quiz / treatise on multi-generational penetration of music.

Is This the New Vivian Maier? Alberto di Lenardo

Is This the New Vivian Maier? Alberto di Lenardo

“…Stashed away in the space were more than 8,000 stunning photographs that the man, Alberto di Lenardo, took throughout his life, still perfectly preserved in all their hyper-saturated Kodachrome glory.”

A lot of Kodachrome here. Beautifully shot.

There is an Instagram feed as well.

Lifespan Candle

Lifespan Candle

You are a candle.

When you get lit, you melt, meaning you only have so much time to do things.

A super challenging side scroller.

Found by Alexis S.

And there we go! Friday! Linked up again.

I hope you are all as well as you can be.

Hopefully see you again next Friday.

Stay safe!