November 20th, 2020

Ok so happy Friday everybody.

Where I live, things are about to lock down even further, so we could all use some Friday distraction I think.

Here we go!

Forensic Architecture: The Beirut Port Explosion

Forensic Architecture: The Beirut Port Explosion

A really detailed, exhaustive investigative report and video about the massive port explosion that happened this past August in Beirut, Lebanon.

Fantastic work! Really engrossing and well done.

24h Sunrise/Sunset

24h Sunrise/Sunset

“24h Sunrise/Sunset” is an installation that displays a realtime sunset and sunrise somewhere happening in the world with the use of CCTV.

Created by Dries Depoorter whose manifesto states that he “creates artworks about surveillance, privacy, social media and machine learning. Dries is based in Ghent, Belgium.”

A beautifully executed project.

Cruise Mapper

Cruise Mapper

I know. 2020! Cruises?!?!

But there they are.

You can filter by cruise company, and see where they are, right now, in the Earth’s oceans.

Onion Or News?

Onion Or News?

“Is the following headline from the satyrical The Onion or a real news outlet? Try to guess!”

Harder than you might think (especially this year.)

Et voila! Les links du vendredi.

I hope your Friday is fantastic.

Stay safe. Stay warm. Stay sane.

See you next Friday everybody.