January 1st, 2021

If you’re reading this, two things have happened.

1: It’s Friday!

2: It’s 2021!!!!!

We did it!! We made it out the other side of a terrible, terrible goddamn year!

Welcome to the First Friday of 2021! Happy New Year!

As there are every year there are big lists of lists of lists of the best “something something” of the year. Here are a few of my favorites that will keep you occupied and probably shopping for many hours.

Barack Obama!

Miss Cellania.

A really diverse and comprehensive list of lists from Larry Ferlazzo.

And of course: Year End Lists.

Happy New Year!

And Happy Friday!

Let’s get going…

Flight Patterns

Flight Patterns

“The hub of logistics creates a dance of take-offs and landings as the aviation industry delivers people and goods around the world.”

Even though right now there aren’t that many flights going on, this is a beautifully realized site.



Play bongos! As a cat! Or cowbell! Or bad piano!

What a goofy little site!

Gravity Points

Gravity Points

Created by Akimitsu Hamamuro. Kind of mesmerizing.

Color Tiles

Color Tiles

“Click on a blank space.

“If the color matches the nearest neighboring tiles,vertically or horizontally,

“from the clicked space, you get the matching tiles.”

Note that you can only make four mistakes and the game ends.


Well there we go! 2021 already off to an okay, fun little start.

I hope you are all well, and warm, and safe, and dry, and not stressing out too much.

We got through 2020! That is definitely a huge accomplishment!

Let’s struggle through.

I’ll hopefully see you next Friday.

Thanks for following along from home.