February 19th, 2021

Welcome to Friday!

What a week!

I hope you’re all safe and warm and well. 2020 still has some spill-over effects, it feels like.

Links time!!

I Miss My Bar

I Miss My Bar

A website that lets you create the audio background of a functioning drinking establishment from the “before times”.

I do miss my bar ๐Ÿ™

The Nostalgia Machine

The Nostalgia Machine

Note: I am not a fan of nostalgia.

Enter a year to hear music (primarily pop) hits from that year. (using YouTube.)

Only goes from 1952 to 2015.

Still: pretty comprehensive!

Also: join me in playing “not available in your country” bingo.

Stinky Candle Company

Stinky Candle Company

[self explanatory]

Note: Not all of them! Christmas Tree! Pear!

For me the most entertaining ones are Mary Jane, Body Odour, Rotting Flesh, and “2020 Candle” (I don’t even want to know.)

Hopp Zee

Hopp Zee

A fun little platformer. Challenging!

We did it you guys! Friday Link! Whuhoo!

Have an excellent weekend everybody.

See you next Friday.