April 30th, 2021


And it’s the last one in April 2021! We made it again you guys!!!

And now it’s links time!

How Pfizer Makes Its Covid-19 Vaccine

How Pfizer Makes Its Covid-19 Vaccine

(self explanatory)

What a specific, complicated process.

Recipe Convertor

Recipe Convertor

“Input your recipe or ingredient into the big textbox on the left, choose your options (which should be self-explanatory), and then hit Auto Convert, or one of the specific conversions.”

This is honestly fantastic.

I switched mostly to volume-based measurements in the past few years for baking. This site is a godsend.



A 3d visual… thing… in your browser.

You can edit it but honestly that part looks really complicated. Still! Very well done. (And hosted on GeoCities?!)

Physics Tetris Clone

Physics Tetris Clone

Variable gravity, bouncing, etc. Makes it suuuuuper hard to line anything up.

Not even really a game just… odd.

And there you go. Friday: allll linked up!

I hope your Friday is great, and that your weekend is calm and relaxing.

Stay safe everybody. And see you next Friday!