May 14th, 2021

Hey it’s Friday!

That was a very fast week, and I’m seeing a LOT of people getting their Covid vaccines (me included)!


Much more positive feeling this week. I like it. We need it!

And now: to the links!

Social Media in Real Time

Social Media in Real Time

[self explanatory]

Not tracked here yet: TikTok

Every Noise At Once

Every Noise At Once

A huge, HUGE list of musical genres, each of which will play a sample of that type of music when clicked.

From baroque cello to progressive house to black metal: this site has it.

The interface is a little daunting but it’s very comprehensive.

Sent in by Trevor L.

Jonk Photography – Naturalia: Chronicle of Contemporary Ruins

Jonk Photography - Naturalia: Chronicle of Contemporary Ruins

“As a child, I saw a wildlife documentary that marked my life. It focused on the melting of the ice caps and its consequences on polar bears’ life. I still remember this bear that struggled to swim and find a piece of ice floe. It seems that ‘children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression.’ (Dr Haim Ginott). This vision marked me so much that during all my childhood, every time any of my parents did anything that seemed bad for the environment, it told them this sentence: ‘Watch out, you kill the bears!!'”

“Jonk” is photographer Jonathan Jimenez.

Some great work here. And quite a story.



A 3d puzzle you can turn, zoom into and out of, and slowly solve.

I find this super challenging.

Sent in by Traci T. (who is addicted)

Well there we go. Friday Links!!

Happy Friday. I hope your weekend is excellent.

Stay safe, and see you next Friday!