June 18th, 2021

Well hello at last.

I somehow forgot to send out today’s links, so I’m sending them now. Shout out to the Pacific coast of North America.

Sadly: only three links this week. It was a super busy week for me. They’re still good.

Let’s gooooo!!!

Ming Lu

Ming Lu

“As Made-in-China mass production became a global industrial phenomena, the artist works closely with the handicraft that is known to be slow, inaccurate, time and labor consuming, almost forgotten but are deep-rooted.”

She makes a roast chicken out of traditional Chinese porcelain.

Some pretty great work here.



“readify.me provides a safe, easy, open-source solution that allows you to read articles in peace – all without the need to download any software, create an account or even store any cookies!”

The fact that this site needs to exist is really sort of sad.

I find embedded videos needlessly distracting and annoying. As a result I often copy all the text and just paste it in a text editor to read the article. Super annoying.

Note that not all sites work well with it, but it helps.



An EXTREMELY challenging but (in my opinion) super fun game.

And there we go! Fridayyyyyy!

Happy Friday, and happy Spring (in the northern hemisphere.)

See you next Friday everybody!