September 17th, 2021

Welcome to Friday!

And welcome to a reduced Friday Links. I had a slammed week this week so I sadly only have three links for you.

Here we go!

Miguel Marquez Outside

Miguel Marquez Outside

“Public Projects – Michael Pederson”

Mr. Marquez (Pederson) creates realistic miniature city signs for things like pigeon landing spots, drain spouts, etc. Also quite lovely miniature living structures.

Update Faker

Update Faker

It’s not April fool’s day yet but keep this one in the back pocket.

Choose the OS and then hit f11 on the browser to make it fullscreen.

Space Huggers

Space Huggers

A side-scrolling platformer where you can also blow up your environment.

Challenging and fun.

And so there we go!

I hope your Friday is awesome, and that your weekend is calm and relaxing.

Happy Friday!