January 21st, 2022

Welcome back to Friday!

Sadly, I’ve only got three links this week. But I hope you’re all doing well.

Here we go…

Bartosz Ciechanowski: GPS

Bartosz Ciechanowski: GPS

“Global Positioning System is, without a doubt, one of the most useful inventions of the late 20th century. It made it significantly easier for ships, airplanes, cars, and hikers to figure out where they are with high degree of accuracy.”

This is an excellent tiny whitepaper on how GPS works including several interactive little exercises that show how the satellite communications setup can accurately triangulate your position.

Very cleverly devised.



You’re presented with two cards representing two events from Wikipedia. Drag the one from the center to the correct sequence – before or after – the card on the bottom. If you guess right, the bottom of the card turns green and you get a new card. Repeat.

Created by Tom Watson.

I like it!



Click only when the ball is over the red segment. Spacebar instead is actually a bit better.

Suuuuper challenging. Very satisfying.

And that’s that! Friday alllll linked up.

Happy Friday! Stay safe and warm. See you in a week.