May 20th, 2022

It’s Friday everybody!

And where I live, it’s a long weekend. Yay!

And now it’s also Links time!



A visualization of all of the known / identified / unclassified objects in low-earth-orbit (LEO)

It is fascinating watching them all zoom by your city up close.

Lays Around The World

Lays Around The World

A site documenting the extremely wide array of different flavours of Lays potato chips in different countries around the world.

Thailand: yes!

Symphony In Acid

Symphony In Acid

A web… presentation… art… thing, from Max Cooper.

Rendered in your browser completely using html, css, and javascript.

It must have taken a while to create this.

It may not look like much from the screenshot but this thing is extremely dynamic. Really interesting work. (Also I love Max Cooper’s musical works.)

1996 “me” would be having a heart attack at the notion of programming this…

Cue Billiard Club

Cue Billiard Club

Some pretty specific mouse+keyboard controls to put spin / english on the ball, but it’s a fairly decent simulation.

Note that the cue is like a sort of slingshot. Pull and then release.

We did it! Links! On a Friday! Whuhoooo!

Have an excellent (long?) weekend everybody.

See you next Friday.