Aug. 5th, 2005

Happy end of short week! Weekend… End… [mutter]

» Khaaaaaaaaan!

[Self explanatory]

» BushSpeech

Unbelievable. Takes time but is very smooth once you get something into it.

» Future Me

Email messages to yourself in the future. Use the form on this site and it sends it to you on the date you choose. This is the display of messages people have made public. (I guess this assumes the site is still up in several years’ time.) Some kinda personal and poignant stuff.

» Cyranet Greeting cards

“Saying what you think, with the wit you don’t have” Click through the “next card” link to see all variations. There are thousands, mostly all hilarious.

Have a most excellent weekend.


Jul. 29th, 2005

Looooooong weekend!

Happy Friday folkses!

» Star Wars Episode III: Backstroke Of The West

This is one that Kevin sent me and I think someone else distributed (apologies) but oh man is it funny. You will laugh. Out loud. Guaranteed. Be prepared. No fluids near your keyboards.

» Google is hiring: ON THE MOON!

» The Gallery of Regrettable Food

I first saw this back in 1997 and it’s been meticulously maintained and increased-upon since then. Hopefully you have not just eaten before reading. Enjoy (?) This guy writes extreeeeemely funny stuff.

» Ylimpics (Olympics for Yetis)

Have a most excellent weekend.


Jul. 22nd, 2005

Can you handle it? I don’t think you can handle it!

Happy Friday everyone.

» LCD Computer Keyboard (from Russia)

Potentially nerdy, yes, but niiiice! I’ll take two.

» Overheard In New York

“Teen girl: I wonder what Marilyn Monroe does in her spare time.
Teen guy: Lie in her coffin?”
–2 train

» Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness

Hard to explain but funny.


Answer any one of the millions of questions people have asked on this site. Or ask your own.

Have a most excellent weekend.


Jul. 15th, 2005

Happy friday!

» They Thought You’d Say This

Some of the most obscure and odd translation phrases ever.

» NewsMap

“Newsmap is an application that visually reflects the constantly changing landscape of the Google News news aggregator.”

It’s a neat way to look at current news items (I think.)
Can take a bit to load but certainly interesting once it does.

» Lego Church!

[Did I mention I am not religious?]

» 10 x 10

Topical image-indexing resource. Looks at numerous indexes of news and other images to cross-reference by country, topic, headline, etc. (Similar to Flickr, but different.) Could eat up a lot of time. But fun! And interesting!

Have a most excellent weekend.


Jun. 17th, 2005

» Cursor Thief: Live!

Brief. And funny.

» The Weather… In Latin!?

(well… mostly anyway.)

» Unusual Hotels of the World

» Inside Mariah Carey’s Mailbag

Smoking Gun discovered [in 2000] boxes and boxes of fan letters ready for the trash heap. So they thought they’d post some of them online!

» Random Facts about Vin Diesel:

For the three of you who hadn’t already seen this. Still funny though! Refresh for a random new fact.

Have a most excellent weekend.


Jun. 30th, 2005

Happy Canada Day!

Topical link first (since everyone knows how bogus I think the whole TomKat thing is):

» Tom Cruise Soundboard

Now we can all converse using quotes from Tom Cruise!

» Parallel Parking!

For those of us that strictly use transit.

» Wake n’ Bacon

“An alarm clock that wakes you up with the smell and sizzle of cooking bacon.”

» Card stacker!

Bonus Link!

» Cloney Time!

Coffee Time Clones! (Including one directly across from my apartment!)
[Matthew Smith made me do it]

Have a most excellent weekend.


May 13th, 2005

» King Tut’s face

In case nobody saw this yet, several archaeologists did a digital reconstruction of King Tut’s face based on CT and MRI imaging of his skull. It’s a pretty lifelike rendering. National Geographic has the exclusive on the results. Interestingly: one team of imagers was not told who the person was and came up with an almost identical face in terms of structure, shape, features, etc.

» Portable Rotary Phones

Has a genuine bell ringer and is a real mobile phone. Yikes!
[Link modified on Feb. 18th, 2007: they modified their whole site.]

Have a most excellent weekend.