March 3rd, 2017

Welcome back Friday Fans.

Here are some links!


Claims to be “Relaxing videos catered to your mood.”

A great little background idea. Choose a scenario and just let it play.

Beautifully shot!

They have apps for Apple TV and Amazon Fire.

Logo Book

“Discover the worlds finest logos, symbols & trademarks.”

This is an impressive catalog of over 5000 logos from around the world, organized into different categories.

If you’re a design or branding nerd, this could eat up a good portion of your day, I imagine.

My Fridge Food

You enter the ingredients that are in your fridge, and this site supplies a pretty broad variety of recipes that can be made with them.

There are a lot of other sites that perform this function but I haven’t seen one with this much variation before. Nicely done.

Leaf Me Alone

An oddly addictive little platformer. Cleverly rendered. Fun!

Bonus Link!

The Atlantic: Timeline

“Tell us your birthday, and we’ll show you how the world has changed during your lifetime.”

In my case the key dividing line was before and after texting via cellphone. Interesting.

And there we have it, your Friday Links for the first Friday in March 2017!

Spring is neeeearly here (but will the weather act that way? Hmmmm…)

See you next week, everybody.


February 24th, 2017

Well here we are! The last Friday in February 2017.

The felt really fast already. Where I live, it’s been unseasonably warm. So happy early Spring!

Here we go…

Image to Image Demo

This is a specialized A.I. which uses Tensorflow to take your sketch and produce a photorealistic representation.

It’s very narrow: building facades and cats. But it is impressive. Also, at the moment, a little creepy-looking / goofy.

The future! It’s here!

Miniature Calendar

Miniature Calendar

Brilliantly composed diorama-style scenarios of everyday life. Beautifully shot and conceived by artist Tatsuya Tanaka. Just lovely.

Progress Bar Of Life

Enter some basic information (no emails, you can lie about all of it) and this simple website will create a custom progress bar based on your country’s current life expectancy.

Kind of a downer but beautifully rendered.

Freeway Fury 3

Steal cars. Drive like crazy. Cause damage. Etc.

A great little stress-reliever. I like!

There are previous versions, of course.

Bonus Link!

Feature Shoot: Dozens Of Vintage Snapshots, All With The Same Creepy Shadow

[self explanatory]


A bit of a study in context. 🙂

These have been your Friday Links for the end of February 2017.

Have a great weekend everybody!


February 17th, 2017

Welcome to Friday!

And your Friday Links (of course.)

Begin! (Bang!)

Whale Synth

A great little browser toy that simulates whale songs with a variety of customizable parameters.

They also created an instrument plugin for Ableton Live. Brilliant!


“The Favelagrafia Project (portuguese for slum photography) brings a new look onto Rio’s favelas.

“A new perspective.

“Here, the slums are shown in a truthful way, by those understanding most about it: its own residents.”

This is a stark but well done photo essay / web installation.

Underwater Photos Of The Year: 2017

Underwater Photos Of The Year: 2017

A great, great selection.

So beautiful. Making the rounds, and justly so.

Y8 Warships

A multiplayer warship game. Navigate and attack other players’ vessels, upgrade and accumulate better armament, etc.

It’s addictive and cartoonish and a good little timewaster.

Bonus Link!

Here are the post-apocalyptic death machines of Fury Road but with googly Pixar eyes

[self explanatory]

Comedian Paul Savage has taken up this new hobby… 🙂

I love it!

And there we have your weekly Friday Links!

Have a lovely weekend everybody!


February 10th, 2017

You guys we made it! It’s Friday!

And it’s time for your Friday Links. Right? (Right.)


Your Favorite TV Shows Brought To Life With Amazing 3D Floor Plans

Your Favorite TV Shows Brought To Life With Amazing 3D Floor Plans

There are some extremely detailed renderings of these tv show sets. Wow.

Suggested by Kate S.

Doonald J Trump

“ is an endless time capsule of the unnerving present. It uses elements  of randomization to create new juxtapositions with each visit. It was made by Zach Scott and published on February 6, 2017. You can see what else I’m working on at

“Trump and those that actively support him have been very clear about the  kind of world they want the rest of us to live in. We should take them  at their word.”

…Trippy (?)

Warren Keelan: New Release Prints

Mr. Keelan is a photographer from the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia who photographs massive ocean waves.

These are really beautiful…

Penguin Diner

A stressful-yet-cartoonish diner / waiter simulation.

Make sure new penguins get tables and that you take their orders in a timely manner.

Like work, only in cartoon-penguin form.

Sent in by Jennifer R.

Bonus Link!

The Unlikely Odds Of Making It Big

“What three years and 75,000 shows in New York tell us about the chance your favorite band will succeed.”

A very cleverly told and insightful piece about just how much effort it takes to “make it” in a variety of ways in the live music industry. Great stuff.

And there you go! Alllll Friday’d up!

See you again in seven days.


February 3rd, 2017

It’s Friday!

It’s February!

It’s links time!

Impact Earth

Choose a projectile type, and size, and composition, give it an angle and velocity, and send it hurtling towards earth. Check out the impact analysis. Repeat.

Adam Makarenko: Photography

Adam Makarenko: Photography

Toronto Based Makarenko specializes in miniature photography. Some of these are breathtaking.

Mr. Bingo: Valentine’s card (for single people)

Single people on Valentines day are a bit like homeless people on Christmas day, it’s a day to be reminded what you don’t have

This year I’m offering a service of Valentines cards specifically *for* single people.”

A clever, touching idea.

Sent in by Tara P.


A fairly harsh version of “Would you rather” paired with a hint of “Cards against humanity”.

Fun! Slightly nsfw.

Bonus Link!

Rescued Film: 1,200 Rolls, 1 Photographer

This funded IndieGogo campaign will attempt to rescue the images from a huge amount of film preserved (but for some reason never developed) by one photographer during the 1950’s.

Shades of Vivian Maier

You are now officially “linked” for the week.

Have a lovely February weekend everybody.


January 27th, 2017


There are no more Fridays in January. 🙁

But! There are still plenty of links!

Here we go…

This is every active satellite orbiting earth

This is every active satellite orbiting earth

[self explanatory]

A somewhat frustrating interface but very informative presentation. There are a lot of satellites floating around!

Europeana Radio

A free music app for you music history nerds (or recording history nerds, like me) who want an easy way to have immediate access to ~200,000 recordings from the library of music.

There are some extremely rare, very unique recordings here. I’ll be testing this as background music for while. Should be interesting.

More info here.

Shakespeare’s World

“Transcribe handwritten documents by Shakespeare’s contemporaries and help us understand his life and times.”

This is “a collaboration between the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, D.C., at Oxford University, and the Oxford English Dictionary of Oxford University Press.” I am fascinated.


Note: for some reason will not work on Chrome. Works fine in Firefox though.

This is a tricky gravity / steering game. VERY addictive.

No bonus link this week. Sorry about that. They’re supposed to be special! 🙂

Enjoy your Friday and your final January weekend of 2017.

And until next week: aqenbpuu!!


January 20th, 2017

Welcome back to Friday!

It’s going to be okay.

Because look! I have all of these links for you!!

Hunter Stabler

Hunter Stabler

This Philadelphia-based artist’s medium is cut paper. There are some incredibly complicated works here.

“Today, you are an Astronaut. You are floating in inner space 100 miles above the surface of Earth. You peer through your window and this is what you see. You are people watching. These are fleeting moments.”

An odd little web installation that randomly selects videos on youtube which have the lowest view counts.

Weird. But making the rounds. (Okay!)



Find the different-coloured tile.

On normal – hardest setting, that is way more challenging than it sounds.

Flak Boy

Put destructive things near Flak Boy and attempt to inflict as much damage as possible.

It’s a bit challenging but also quite fun.

Bonus Link!

I Turned IKEA Lamp Into A Death Star

This is a how-to. 🙂

Looks great!

See also: “Top 10 Ikea Hacks And DIY Projects In 2017

And a quick read on this US Presidential Inauguration day:

Why I’m Nominating A Necromancer For Secretary Of Health And Human Services

There you go. You are now Friday Linked!

See you next week. Have a great weekend.


January 13th, 2017


… the thirteenth!! [orchestra!!]

And time for your Friday Links.

Mystery Search

You enter a search, and instead of this site providing your search result, you get the one of the person who searched before you.

My test was “Mashed potatoes.” The result was “Snoop Dogg.”

Fun! Weird. Fun!!

Hugh Holland

Hugh Holland

“In 1975, when Hugh Holland first began photographing the skateboarders in southern California, he had already been living in Los Angeles for nine years.”

These are gold.

The Year In Memes

Including (of course) Harambe. Never forget!


It is not obvious what you’re supposed to do here, but you’ll get it. And then you’ll always want to keep getting it.

This ate up an hour of my day.

I do not have a bonus link this week. It’s a new year!

A quick little read:

Odd Lots: Curious Objects Up At Auction. (Self explanatory.) Interesting!

A longer read (and fascinating!):

Facial Reconstruction: Police Use Found DNA to Create Suspect Profiles

That is fascinating. I love that there’s a reference to an art project from a few years ago which similarly had pretty accurate reconstructions of people’s faces. Bizarre!

There we go. I’ll see you next week everybody!


January 6th, 2017

Welcome to the first Friday in 2017.

Links time – heeeeere we go…

The 100 best photographs ever taken without photoshop

The 100 best photographs ever taken without photoshop

[self explanatory]


Daniel Cheong: Dubai Fog

These are just beautiful. You can order (expensive) prints as well.

The Online Knitting Reference Library

Check out some of the modeling shots here. Eeeeeyikes. 🙂

Suggested by Kate S.

Endless Boss Fight

Kind of self explanatory. Difficult! Addictive. Frustrating / fun.

Bonus Link!

Sourgrassbuilt: Bird Houses

“Sourgrassbuilt features home decor including birdhouses, bread boxes, and furniture created by Douglas Barnhard of Santa Cruz, California. His influences are mid century modern architects like Eichler and Frank Lloyd Wright mixed with the rich skate and surf culture in Santa Cruz.”

These are amazing. (And expensive!)

And this concludes the first Friday Links of 2017.

Ladies and gentlemen we are adjourned! [bangs gavel…]

See you next week. Happy New Year!


December 30th, 2016

It is Friday again.

And (perhaps thankfully?) it’s the final Friday in 2016.

Here are some linkages-es… es.

One Shot Editions

“One Shot celebrates the fragile beauty of analog by commissioning photographers to shoot new and exclusive work that we turn into the most limited, limited-edition prints ever. Each unique shot is sold sight unseen and will remain a mystery until you receive the print in the mail.”

They destroy the negatives after the shots are sold. Apparently it’s already pretty popular. I’m in!

Mandala Creator

There are a few versions of this kind of artistic tool but I like this one. It’s also making the rounds. Beautiful.

Steven Kenny

Steven Kenny

An interesting collection of portraits that appear to be done in a classical style.

Some odd choices that I still love. He sells a lot of his works. Good work!

Extreme Heli-Boarding

A classic, but it’s in season, so here we go. There goes your weekend. 🙂

Bonus Link!

Salman Koshroo: The Wanderer

Tehran-based artist Salman Koshroo works primarily with a gigantic pallete knife to create jarring, bold portraits and other artworks.

Have a Happy New Year everybody!

And happy Friday!

See you next year.