Oct. 28th, 2005

Haaaaallowe’en Friday Linkages!

» Zombie Romp!

Addictive Halloween-style Zombie Shooter! [OF DOOOOM!!!]

» The Empire Strikes Back: The Animated Gif

The entire story of the second Star Wars film as told through the magic of an animated gif.

» Comcastic Marionettes

Courtesy of Michael Dann. Really amazing flash marionettes. Fast-loading too. [Marionettes…. OF THE DAMNED!!!!11!]

» Waxhoff!


Have a most excellent weekend.


Oct. 21st, 2005

Frrrriiiiidaaaaayyyy!! (aaay…. aaaay… aaay.)

» The only debate on Intelligent Design that is worthy of its subject

[Note: I am not religious]

» Celebrity Punchout

Ohhhh Britney Spears… It’s kinda cool how the faces react to the hits.

» Make Your Own Police Sketch

Pretty cool actually!

» Wedding Proposal Via Search Engine

Interesting. That takes some serious patience. 🙂
How he did it: yishaandbarry.com

Have a most excellent weekend.


Oct. 14th, 2005

Short week = Almost forgot about Friday links! Yikes.

Kinda brief ones this week, though. Short week!

» Camera-Tossing

Step 1: Set exposure length and click shutter
Step 2: Toss!
Step 3: See [apparently] pretty cool results
It’s started quite a following apparently.

» Honest Album Titles


This still makes me laugh and it’s over a year old now. There are many. (Some may not exist since they’re hosted all over the place.)

» PaperCraft

Software and instructions for making realistic paper models of… pretty much anything!

» Flashearth

The poor man’s Google-earth. 🙂 (With none of the bandwidth hogging)

Have a most excellent weekend.