Dec. 2nd, 2005

FRIIIIDAAAAY! [aaaay aaay ay…]

» The Real Enrique Iglesias?

[Caution: not too loud folks!]

Okay I know it’s old (it dates back to 2000) and it’s a cheap shot (it was recorded from his mic during a TV show in either Poland or Italy, but the audience only heard backing tape.) But hooooo boy is it funny. 🙂 [Apologies to those who have heard this to death.]

» World Beard Championships!

Precisely what it says. Yikes! I don’t think I’ve got what it takes to be a “champion”.

» Tillamook Cheddar!

“Tillamook Cheddar is a Jack Russell Terrier from Brooklyn, New York. She is widely regarded as the world’s preeminent canine artist…” “…Tillie is six years old.”


» Side Effects

An essay by Steve Martin for the New Yorker, 1998

Have a most excellent weekend.