Dec. 9th, 2005

I’m off for a couple days but the links cannot be stopped!

» Personal World Map

This site distorts the world map to show where you can travel based on travel time or pricing. Hard to describe but certainly worth a look. Interesting if you want to compare just how horrendous Canadian airfares really are. [Hint: try Dublin versus Ottawa.]

» Q-Unit

Mashups between 50cent and Queen

» Life Comes At You Fast

Proving, once again, that gravity is without question the funniest thing on this planet.

» Sony Doesn’t Appear To Get It

Sony is already getting raked over the coals about numerous types of digital rights management software, but now they’ve been exposed as having paid graffiti artists to draw images on buildings promoting the PSP. Nobody is impressed. Yikes.

Have a most excellent weekend.