Jan. 6th, 2006

Wahoo! First Friday URL’s of the new year. Happy New Year everybody.

» 100 Things We Didn’t Know This Time Last Year

From the BBC. Kinda interesting!

» Top 50 Music Videos of 2005

Watch out for the bandwidth hit. That’s a lot of videos. My personal fave is the AFX (#1!) but I know it also creeps many people out. (Chris Cunningham directed.)

Recommended by Emily McLuhan and Bronwen Ryan.

» Japanese Pen Spinning!

Sent to me by Fujiko in Osaka.

Yikes. We’ve all seen people twiddle with their pens during meetings but these folks appear to be in training for the olympics… It’s a little much. Even includes credits at the end for the pens.

» Stabilized Film: Zapruder JFK Assassination

[obviously not for the squeamish.]

Also see Bigfoot 16mm film.

» Frustrating Laser / Mirror Game


Happy Friday!