Jan. 27th, 2006

Friday at last. At laaaaaast! [thunder]

» LameToy™

Another randomized generator, but with a neat interface! (Again, Japanese. 🙂 )

» Message Quests

Send your friend a message in the form of an interactive adventure. Pretty amazing design-wise. Also: a little odd. 🙂
Sent in by Karem.

» NYC 2123

It’s an online graphic novel, but it’s also downloadable for the PSP. (Neat!)

» GE’s Imagination Cubed

I’m not even sure what it was originally made for but it’s kinda fun. Collaborative doodling tool. Very smooth animation and you can replay the drawing of whatever you just drew.

» Dust Houses

Former house-cleaner Maria Adelaida Lopez, an artist from Colombia, covers doll houses in vacuum cleaner dust. I start wheezing when I see these photos.

Happy Friday! (at last)