Feb. 17th, 2006

Welcome, again, to your Friday links!

» And Design

Yes, from Japan. I am already in the market for their “Icon Watch”.

» How To Make Garfield Funny

By removing his thought balloons. Some of these are insane and nonsensical. But kinda funny!

» My Black Valentine

For those of you who didn’t like any of the gifts you got this past Valentines Day. 🙂 (Kinda dark but an interesting interface at least.)

» Where’s Willy

Sent in by Lynne S. Track the serial number of a Canadian bill in your wallet right now. You might be surprised how far (or in many cases, how un-far) a bill has traveled in its lifetime. Identical to the very popularwww.wheresgeorge.com site for US bills, and which has way more entries. Neat!

Have a great weekend!