Sep. 22nd, 2006

Hooray for Friday! And Autumn! (buh bye summer. 🙁 )

Here goes!

» Brawny Man Innocent Escapes

Hard to explain. Funny!

» Daily Dose of Imagery

Sent in by Janet (but numerous people also recommended it.) Photo blog of Toronto photographer Sam Javanrouh.


Fascinating, but also somewhat disturbing and heartbreaking. Real peoples’ anonymous confessions. This was set up by a fairly right-wing US church organization. Somewhat depressing, but endlessly readable. Similar to (but vastly different from) the previously mentioned PostSecret site.

» Sawlogs

People write down their dreams and send them in. The site allows people to comment on them, and has a huge amount of statistics. You can also create your own “dream blog” on that site. All free.