Nov. 24th, 2006


» The Real PS3 Grill

Just in time for the holidays(?) 🙂 You may not be able to buy the newest game console, but at least you can buy this grill… which LOOKS like the newest game console… (?!?!)
Note: horrendous interface and design.

» Celebrity Soundboards

Pick your celebrity. Call a friend. Converse using the voice of your chosen celebrity. Giggle silently to self.

» PenduluMeca

Click and hold to grapple your meca to the roof so that it can swing high enough not to get killed by the spiky floor. I can get maybe 300 metres. 🙂

» WebSE (MacOS6 Emulator)

An emulation of an old MacSE (c.1990) done completely in Flash. (and German.) Crazy!

Happy Friday, and a belated Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends. 🙂