Dec. 1st, 2006

Wow. Deeeeeecemberrrr!!

Who knew? 🙂

Here we go, Fridaypeoples…

» If I Dig A Very Deep Hole, Where I Go To Stop?

Another neat Google Maps hack. If you dig a hole through the earth from my current apartment, you end up off the southwest coast of Australia. 🙂 Good to know!

» While You Were Sleeping

“It’s FUN and CREEPY at the same time !!!” Hey: no kidding!

» Gwonosang: Deodorant Type

Sculptures made from a series of photographs of the person being sculpted. It’s a bit odd looking but (in my opinion) very cool. He has other works on that site as well.

» Boohbah Zone

Uh….. ?!?!!?

Have a great weekend and welcome to December! (brr!)