Jan. 26th, 2007

Brrrrrr January!

Here we go!

» Plen: Desktop Hobby Robot

Caution: annoying music. But wicked video of this desktop skateboarding / rollerskating robot. The gallery is highly recommended. From Japan (where else?)
Sent in by Minh.

» The Ad Generator

Yeah. Like we actually need one of those! 🙂
This semi-art-installation “randomizes words and structures from real advertising slogans and pairs them with related images from Flickr, generating fake ads on the fly”. Interesting. (Apologies to MeFi readers.)

» Mister Quickly: Insane Amazon.com Reviewer

This guy has been mentioned before elsewhere. He’s a lunatic (must be!) from Victoria who posts very wordy and… insane reviews of obscure books available on Amazon.com. This one is a recent favorite. [Scroll down to Customer Reviews.]

» SoupToys!

Digitally recreated building blocks which realistically react to physical motion, right on your desktop. Kind of addictive. It’s a downloadable install, but you can view videos of some of the more insane setups on (of course)YouTube.

Thanks for playing along at home!


Jan. 19th, 2007

Friday Links Tiiiiime!! [bell!]

» The Writing Automaton (1722)

Photos and video (en Francais) documenting a functioning clockwork automaton from 1722 France. These were often made for French and German royalty by Swiss craftsmen. Pretty fascinating to watch.
[via BoingBoing]

» The George W. Bush Conspiracy Generator

Generate a random one, or create a very specific one. Odds are 1 in 29 that one is probably true (Note: not scientifically measured, that figure came from nowhere.)

» Group Hug

Yet another confessional website. Yikes.
(And no, I don’t have a fixation. No really!)

» The Very Secret Diaries

Diaries from characters of the epic trilogy. A sample:

Gandalf, Day 13: Stuck on top of tower. Great view, but constant pelting sleet not good for pointy hat. Am amusing self by spitting gum down on the Orcs.

Saruman, Day 14: All right, who’s been spitting gum down on the orcs? Honestly.

Have a great weekend, Friday Links peoples!


Jan. 12th, 2007

The time has come….

For your Friday Links!!

» Miniscule

Uuhhhh…. yyyyyyyyeah!

» Eejanaika: An Insane Japanese Rollercoaster

Certainly not for the faint of heart. Holy crap this looks amazing! Careful on that video link (it’s 5 minutes long)

» The Museum Of Bad Album Covers

We’ve all seen that short little list that gets passed around a lot, the small list featuring “Joyce” (available here). That’s got nothing on this site. Hilarious.

» “For Dummies” Generator

At last!

Happy Friday everyone!


Jan. 5th, 2007

Heyyy happy new year!

Friday links time!

» Keyboard Museum: Drum Machine Archive

Flash ports of numerous drum and rhythm machines from the late 70’s and 80’s. Pretty impressive (and, yes: nerdy.)

» The Gaping Maws

Animals Yawning. Aw? 🙂 The site is unfortunately quite slow, but some of them are funny.

» Enjoying Japanese Tale

A compendium of traditional Japanese children’s stories, lovingly translated into English. Includes some very beautiful illustrations as well.

» TCritic

T Shirts. With reviews. For sale. Every few days.

Bonus Link!

» Extreme Luge: Canyon

Since you’ve been good: A bonus link – Canyon luge!! To the extreeeme!!1!
Keep it between the lines. (It’s tricky!)

Have a great weekend!