Jan. 19th, 2007

Friday Links Tiiiiime!! [bell!]

» The Writing Automaton (1722)

Photos and video (en Francais) documenting a functioning clockwork automaton from 1722 France. These were often made for French and German royalty by Swiss craftsmen. Pretty fascinating to watch.
[via BoingBoing]

» The George W. Bush Conspiracy Generator

Generate a random one, or create a very specific one. Odds are 1 in 29 that one is probably true (Note: not scientifically measured, that figure came from nowhere.)

» Group Hug

Yet another confessional website. Yikes.
(And no, I don’t have a fixation. No really!)

» The Very Secret Diaries

Diaries from characters of the epic trilogy. A sample:

Gandalf, Day 13: Stuck on top of tower. Great view, but constant pelting sleet not good for pointy hat. Am amusing self by spitting gum down on the Orcs.

Saruman, Day 14: All right, who’s been spitting gum down on the orcs? Honestly.

Have a great weekend, Friday Links peoples!