Jan. 26th, 2007

Brrrrrr January!

Here we go!

» Plen: Desktop Hobby Robot

Caution: annoying music. But wicked video of this desktop skateboarding / rollerskating robot. The gallery is highly recommended. From Japan (where else?)
Sent in by Minh.

» The Ad Generator

Yeah. Like we actually need one of those! 🙂
This semi-art-installation “randomizes words and structures from real advertising slogans and pairs them with related images from Flickr, generating fake ads on the fly”. Interesting. (Apologies to MeFi readers.)

» Mister Quickly: Insane Amazon.com Reviewer

This guy has been mentioned before elsewhere. He’s a lunatic (must be!) from Victoria who posts very wordy and… insane reviews of obscure books available on Amazon.com. This one is a recent favorite. [Scroll down to Customer Reviews.]

» SoupToys!

Digitally recreated building blocks which realistically react to physical motion, right on your desktop. Kind of addictive. It’s a downloadable install, but you can view videos of some of the more insane setups on (of course)YouTube.

Thanks for playing along at home!