Feb. 16th, 2007


A little late, yes, but still ready to rock your Friday. Here goes.

» Much Better Than This

Awww? Yes: I am late for Valentines with this one. Still neat. Sent in by Bahar.
See also…. This guy appears to be an online installationist. Some neat / insane stuff in there.

» Age-O-Matic!

Find out how badly your job will age you… sort of. Not particularly realistic but a neat little gizmo. Sent in by Damir.

» Cheddarvision

Recommended by Sarah. Apparently (her words) the “highlight” is when they turn the massive block of cheese. What an odd site! 🙂 This has also been featured on numerous recent news reports.

» CG Sphere

A whooooole lotta digital artists submit their take on a cg-generated sphere.

Haaaaaaaaappy Friiiiiiidaaaaaaay!!