Mar. 2nd, 2007

Welcome to the weekend. Where I’m from: it’s been a bit of a journey to get here.

Here are your Friday Links.

Just a warning: I am on vacation next week (Jamaica!), so there will be no Friday links next week. I’ll make up for it the following week. Even the Friday Links guy needs a vacation…

» San Francisco Bread Review

A website devoted to reviewing bread. I love bread but… this is kind of over the top. Witness this review of a loaf of french bread bought at a Safeway location.

» Nanaca CRASH!

Insane insane insane. And addictive. 🙂

» The BBC’s Senses Challenge

Test your senses. You may be surprised at the results.
There are other tests on that site as well. Interesting! (to me)

» Ask Moses

Hey: Passover is just around the corner… This is a website where you can ask Rabbinical scholars questions on “topics ranging from simple questions about Jewish holidays to complex inquiries on personal issues.” Available 24/6 (harrrr)
[Note: I am not religious.]

Happy Friday, and have a great week.