Apr. 6th, 2007

Your Friday Links for a loooong weekend (for most people anyway.)

Here we go!

» Miwa Koizumio: PET Project

Sent in by Courteney B. (Hi Courteney!)
This artist takes plastic water bottles and creates sculptures of underwater creatures. They’re quite beautiful.

» The Criterion Contraption

A blog which started in 1994 in which the author is reviewing every single release from the Criterion Collection. This is a pretty daunting task for any normal person. He’s “only” reviewed 67 of them so far.

» QuoteGarden

Look up pertinent quotes for any topic or holiday. Pretty good resource if you have to give a speech of any sort.

» Eggs! Of! Destruction!!

An easter-themed version of Battlefield or Worms World Party. “Fire” your chicken’s egg at your opponent, using careful angle and velocity settings. Funny! (And addictive.)

Happy Easter / Passover / chocolate egg season everyone. Have a great weekend.