May 4th, 2007

Whuhoo! The first Friday Links of May.

Heeeeere we go…

» Us Festival Archive: 1982 – 1983

Hard to believe how huge this festival event was. And it lost money. Some awesome shots of the nearly-million-person crowd that attended, and the insane 80’s bands that played them. (Scorpionnnns!)
See also the Wikipedia Entry.

» Punk77

The real era of real punk. (None of that Sum41 crap – no offence to Sum41 fans.) Particularly if you’re a fan: huuuuge amounts of background data on pretty much every punk band ever. Personal favorite: GBH.

» Random Personal Picture Finder(tm)

Another neat Google hack. Show a selection of personal photos of people you have likely never met. It changes over time and can be entertaining to return to after a while.

» Cubrius!

Sort of like a 3d version of one of my very favorite games, Lumines. Read the instructions. It starts off easy but progressively gets quite a bit more difficult.

Have a great Friday, and a spectacular weekend.