Dec. 7th, 2007

Brrrr December!

But at least it’s Friday!! 🙂

On your marks… Get set…

» KittyWigs

Were mine still around he would claw my eyes out if I got him one of these. And he’d be right!

» Modern Gingerbread House

Now we’re talkin’! Why settle for that early 1900’s cottage style structure when you can get a more 1950’s suburban structure (complete with garage)?

» Terry’s Chop Shop

Yikes. The guy likes to chop things, and photograph (or video-record) them in extremely high detail while doing so.
He also has a Flickr gallery.

» Pimp My Sleigh

[self explanatory]
Not only can you trick out your fabulous Santa sleigh, you can also race it.
Look out for the dynamite.
Sent in by Miko.

Happy December Friday, people. Have a great weekend.