Dec. 14th, 2007

There are only two more shopping-Fridays left in 2007. 🙂

Let’s begin shall we?

» Electron Microscropy Unit Snow Page

Scanning electron microscopic pictures of snow crystals. Featuring my favorite: the Hexagonal plate with dendritic extensions. (Whut?!)

» Curious Expeditions: The Castle Builders

Castles built by a single person. There are some insane and impressive constructions in here.

» Clot Xmas

“For almost five decades, the Clot Family Christmas Display has been delighting residents and visitors in the South Florida area!”
It looks like they spend more on this than most department stores. Insane!
Sent in by Jennifer R.

» Serious Santa

“Guide santa through a goblin infested north pole and use a small arsenal of weapons to take care of business.”
Indeed! Very addictive shooter that just happens to have an Xmas theme.

Happy Friday, Friday peoples! And Happy Holidays!