Jan. 11th, 2008


Here we go!

» lyved.com: 20 Ways To Change The World

A good read, and none of the suggestions have to do with purchasing anything.

» Mark Lives In Ikea

[self explanatory]
“Mark moved in early morning Monday January 7th to the IKEA in Paramus, New Jersey and will stay for the week through Saturday January 12th.”
Sent in by Laura F.

» Apostrophe Abuse

Started in 2005, this site lists all kinds of poor usage of apostrophes, many of them shockingly provided by educational facilities.
Sent in by Marcy, who’s driven insane by this type of thing.

» Monsta Truk

Attempt to drive a very tippy cartoon truck without rolling it over. Addictive and frustrating (but fun.)

Happy Friday everyone!