Mar. 7th, 2008

[Inhale] Friiiiidayyyyeeeeeee!

And next week: I’m on vacation. So no links next week. As a result: Bonus link!

» Instrucciones para cuidar un bebé

(Instructions to take care of a baby.) The site is in Spanish, but the advice is universal (and insane.)
Sent in by Kevin K. Nice one.

» The Back-of-the-Envelope Design Contest: The George W. Bush Presidential Library

Some fascinating designs here, and obviously scathing annotations.

» What I Killed Today

A vet blogs about unhealthy animals he had to put down. Sad, but also fascinating.

» Line Runner

Very fast, very addictive. Takes some getting used to but it’s a fun one. Not the same as Linerider, but definitely fun.
Sent in by Ash.

Bonus Link!

» Saul Bass: The Star Wars opening credits

Not really by Saul Bass. This was a student project. And damn good.

Happy Friday, and have a great weekend!