Sep. 26, 2008

I am back from a fabulous vacation, and as such: this week’s links will have a Las Vegas focus.

Here we go!

» Las Vegas Implosions

[self explanatory]
Some interesting history of past hotels which have been imploded, including video.
Sent in by Tracy W.

» Hurricanes As Seen From Orbit

Since our outbound flight was impacted by Hurricane Ike.
[self explanatory… and cool!]

» The Vintage Vegas Postcard Museum

[self explanatory]
Some awesome vintage shots on these. Also features (oddly) a collection of matchbooks.

» Youtube: Experience Wii

This is pretty impressive. You’ll see what I mean (I typically do not link to Youtube, but this is a bit of an exception.)
Sent in by Silu M.

Bonus Link!

» Yearbook Yourself

Upload your picture and see what you would have looked like in yearbook photos from the 1920’s to now. Note: Appears to only work in IE (not Firefox.)
Sent in by Sabrina S.

Happy Friday everybody!