Jan. 30th, 2009

Welcome to the last Friday in January (That was fast!)

Let’s begin…

» A 1,474-Megapixel Photo Of President Obama’s Inaugural Address

This is a very impressive photo collage. This was featured in some media reports following the election and numerous Friday Link fans recommended it.
You can also view it Full Screen.

» Cake Wrecks

Innnnnsanely funny.
Sent in by many, many subscribers (but some of you might not have seen it.)

» BitStrips

“What’s a Bitstrip? It’s an Online Comic Strip, Made by YOU!”
There are some very oddly funny strips in here, and some actually quite good ones. Great idea.
Sent in by DAM.

» Dolphin Dash

Note: NOT recommended for those with epilepsy.
A crazy fast game with… well… lots going on on screen.
Sent in by Ashy.

Bonus Link!

» daaaamn.com

[self… explanatory…?]
See also ohshiit.com.
I find this inexplicably hilarious.
Sent in by Jennidub.

I hope your weekend is excellent.

Happy Friday everybody.


Jan. 23rd, 2009

Friday! And about time too.

Heeeeere we go…

» Offbeat Guides

Traveling anytime soon? Give this site the details of your destination, and it will create a customized travel guide for the city you’re visiting, complete with events scheduled for the time you’re there. Brilliant idea!

» XtraNormal

“If you can type, you can make movies.”
This site allows you to type dialogue, choose characters to say that dialogue, and edit together the scenes into weird little animated pieces. Some of these are quite clever.

» Mag My Pic

“Fake magazine covers and comics with your picture.” Indeed.
Sent in by Carla P.

» Pingu Throw

A bit cruel, yes, but still fun. 🙂
Sent in by Ashy, who’s horribly addicted.

And there we are. 🙂

Enjoy your weekend, Friday people.


Jan. 16th, 2009

Welcome to Friday!

And your Friday Links, of course. Let’s begin…

» Tragedy in Tinyland

Created by someone named Slinkachu. An impressive piece of art.

» NY Times: The 44 Places to Go in 2009

[self explanatory]
For you travel nerds out there. Beirut made #1. (?)
Sent in by Jennidub.

» PrettyLoaded

A gallery of flash “loading” animations. 🙂 What a bizarre concept. Some of these are very well designed.

» Phage Wars

Another extremely addictive game from Armor Games. Perfect if you have caught any of the nasty flus going around.
Sent in by Jennidub (whos hasn’t gotten sick in ages.)

And there we have it!

Have a great weekend everybody.


Jan. 9th, 2009

It is finally Friday!

And here are your Friday Links!

» White Whine

aka: petty complaints from random people. Quite funny.
Sent in by The Stoob.

» Found Cameras and Orphan Pictures

[self explanatory]
Sent in by The Stoob

» Many Years Later

“Repetition of childhood photos, quite interesting”
Sent in by Jennidub.

» Brown Dyed Hotel

This is a really creative, challenging, learn-as-you-go Flash game.
Sent in by Trace.

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone.


Jan. 2nd, 2009

Hap…..py New Yeeeeeaaaarrrrr! [fireworks!]

[Ahem] Okay! Here we go. First Friday of 2009!

» DJ Earworm’s 2008 Mashup: United States of Pop

This DJ creates a new mashup every year featuring the top 25 singles of the current year. This one is particularly cool in my opinion. There’s also a fantastic Youtube Video which must have taken considerable time to create. Well done, sir!

» Jumping In Art Museums

[self explanatory]
Some very carefully-times photos of groups of friends jumping in world-renowned art museums.
Sent in by The Stoob.

» 300 Calorie Photo Gallery

[somewhat self-explanatory]
Kind of fascinating the volume or mass of food required to fulfill 300 calories. Since it’s the new year, here’s a handy photographic guide. (Note: gross looking fries.)

» I Made This. You Play This. We Are Enemies

An utterly loony game. I can’t even try to explain it. Very funny (and of course: addictive.)
Sent in by Jay C.

Bonus Link!

» The Art Of Complex Problem Solving

[self explanatory]

Hope you had a lovely holiday, and that your weekend is stress-free.

Happy Friday!