Feb. 20th, 2009

Friiiiiday! At last.

Let’s begin…

» #4 – Caravan – Essex [December 2008]

“A few years ago, in dense woodland a few miles from my home, I discovered a caravan. Encircled by trees and undergrowth, and over a mile from the nearest road, its presence was utterly incongruous, with few clues as to how or why it had come to rest at this point.”
This is a fascinating little piece.

» Street With A View

Two Pittsburgh artists collaborate to put on a show for the Google street view cameras. This was a huge effort and it’s kind of entertaining to see. This was slashdotted but it’s still worth posting.

» Light Graffiti

Some of these are very impressive.
Sent in by Kent R.

» Perfect Balance

“One by one, place all the objects on the playfield using the mouse.”
Not as easy as it sounds.
Sent in by Trace.

Bonus Link!

» Slang of the 30’s

You’ll blow your wig!

There you have it!

Enjoy your weekend, Friday people!


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