Mar. 13th, 2009


THE 13th!!! [orchestra!!]

Yep: two months in a row.

Let’s begin…

» Thru-You

“What you are about to see is a mix of unrelated YouTube videos/clips edited together to create ThruYou.”
This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in ages. Well worth the extra bandwidth. (As many of you know, I rarely link to video due to corporate filters. This one is worth it.)

» Coin Op Videogames: Arcade Sounds

“In November of 1982 my best friend had a Sony TCS-310 Stereo Cassette Recorder. Audio cassette tape was the affordable recording medium at the time and one wintery day while on our way to the arcade ‘Just Fun’ in Ithaca, NY, we came up with the idea to record video game sounds in the arcades.”
Ahhh nostalgia…
Sent in by Rob and Ana

» The Colored Pencil Society of America

[self explanatory]
Odd. But there is some fantastic artwork on that site.

» Tetoris

An insanely large-screen version of Tetris. It could take days to finish. 🙂
Sent in by Jennidub.

Bonus Link!

» Help Remedies

Very cleverly-designed first aid items. At the moment only two products, but they are carefully thought out, cheap, and eco-friendly.

Happy Friday, Friday Links Subscribers.