Mar. 20th, 2009

Finally: Spring!

And! It’s Friday!

Heeeeeere we go…

» Vintage Photos at MangoFalls

“The camera had been dead a long time. I was about to set it down when I noticed that there was a roll of film inside. I slowly rewound the film, popped the door, and was rewarded with a pristine roll of Kodachrome.”
This guy develops found rolls of Kodachrome slide film and posts selected ones to this site. His commentary is interesting.

» The Grocery List Collection

The things people will contribute to…
1,800 and counting. It also features a Top 10.

» Lost America

Night-time photographs (long exposure with gelled flash) of numerous abandoned towns, vehicles and other places throughout America. Some breathtaking work here.

» Death Versus Monstars

“Is a super-frantic, super-intense manic arena shooter.”
No kidding! Excellent little game. (In fact: I hope someone ports that to the PSP.)
Nice find by Michael S.

Happy Friday, and have a great weekend.