Jun. 26th, 2009

Welcome to your Friday Links!!

Heeeere we go… (And, forgive me, this week’s is a little list-heavy.)

» Item Not As Described

“Free is a four-letter word”
This site investigates Craigslist ads across the US and compares their descriptions to the photos provided. Some funny commentary on many of these.

» Texts From Last Night

[somewhat self explanatory]
Self-confessional texts posted by ordinary (?) cellphone users which they regretted sending. At least in theory.
Sent in by Laura F., among many subscribers.

» Overheard In The Newsroom

[self explanatory]
“Overheard in the Newsroom” delivers the best overheard comments and conversations in any newsroom.”
Crime reporter ending a conversation:
“Can’t talk anymore, gotta go sensationalize a story.”

» Kaboom

Another addictive flash game! You knew you wanted this. 🙂

I hope your weekend is excellent.