Oct. 30th, 2009


Happy Halloween Friday!

Here we goooOOoooo…

» ChicagoNow: The 10 Scariest Videos On The Net

[self explanatory… and BOO!]
Sent in by many subscribers.
Apologies for any nightmares.

» Ravensblight: Halloween Papercraft

These may take a while but they look like they’re worth it.
Sent in by Miko

» Street Anatomy

“Medicine + Art + Design”
Some fascinating work here.
Sent in by The Stoob(tm)

» Texas Department of Criminal Justice: Last Words

Yes, creepy, and disturbing, but fascinating.
The final words of convicted criminals before execution. Dates back to 1982. Some crazy ones in there.

» Zombie Survivalism

Another addictive flash game, just in time for Halloween. a = gun, s = knife, d = landmine. Go go go!

Have a great Friday, and a safe and happy Halloween!


Oct. 23rd, 2009

Hooray for Friiiiiday!

Happy United Nations Day! (Tomorrow)

Here we go…

» Your Logo Makes Me Barf

[self explanatory]

» Infants-Blood.info

“Your One Stop Supershop for Infant’s Blood and More”
Hey: Halloween is right around the corner… [shudder]
They also sell Virgin’s blood, for you purveryors of witchcraft out there.
Sent in by Ashy.

» Three Frames

Which, after a few minutes of viewing, will make you call it “th-th-th-three f-f-f-f-rraaaames”.
Sent in by Satan’s Sidekick.

» Machinarium

A really well-designed little puzzle game. There’s a downloadable full version as well.

Bonus Link!

» Telescopic Text

How odd. I don’t know if the content changes over time but this is a neat little diversion.
Sent in by Ana D.

Enjoy your weekend, Friday Links folk.


Oct. 16th, 2009

This week’s Friday Links was 25% curated by The Stoob, co-owner and operator of Brainrub. As usual she has found some great stuff.

No games this time, so instead: a bonus entry.

Here goes…

» Regretsy

In which the author writes some hilarious reviews of the more insane products available on Etsy.com.
“We’re always on the lookout for the cream of the crappy hand crafts.”
Note: some of this is definitely NSFW, but you are likely to laugh at least a couple times.
Sent in by The Stoob(tm).

» My Parents Were Awesome

Sent in by The Stoob(tm).

» AcidCow: Dead Flies Art

Hilarious (no really!) but also: ew!
Sent in by Kent R. (Satan’s Sidekick)

» Normandy 1944 – Then and Now

French historian Patrick Elie compares original photos from Normandy during 1944 and meticulously composed modern photos of the same scene. Pretty impressive, and harrowing.

» Eel Slap

[self explanatory]
Sent in by Ashy, who apparently giggled… a lot…

Welcome to your weekend, everybody.

Happy Friday!


Oct. 9th, 2009

Ahhhh Autumn. 🙂

And! Friday!

Let’s begin…

» Cockney Cash Machine

Ridiculous! And funny.

» What I Wore Today… In Drawings

[self explanatory]
Sent in by The Stoob.

» Rotten Tomatoes: Worst of the Worst 2009

[self explanatory]
They certainly have a large enough database of reviews to back this list up. 🙂

» The Line Game

Don’t get mad at me. This game can be a real challenge, and can certainly eat up a lot of time. But it is fun.
Sent in by Ashy.

Enjoy your weekend, Friday people!


Oct. 2nd, 2009

Welcome to Friday!

There are 29 shopping days until Hallowe’en.

Let’s begin…

» It Made My Day

Finally: the polar opposite of F*ck My Life.
[Or is it? They seem to have similar complaints.]

» Return My Pants!

[self explanatory…?]
“Return My Pants is a free service that tracks stuff you lend out to other people. You can also track things that you borrow.”
So: obviously more than merely pants. 🙂

» Jill and Matt

One of the cooler and more original wedding invites I’ve seen in a while.
Sent in by Stewie.

» Ball Bounce

Another simple but eventually challenging Flash game. Sent in by Soon-Yi. I like how they used a very “Pong” interface.

And there you have it.

Happy Friday everyone!