Nov. 20th, 2009

Friday at last.

One month away from the official beginning of Winter. Woo!

Here we go…

» Jamie Livingston’s Photo Of The Day (1979 – 1997)

To begin, you really have to read this story, which describes how the site was found, and relays a fascinating and heartbreaking story.
Some great stuff in here.
Sent in by The Stoob.

» Live Ships Map

Track ships of every sort, in real time, based on current AIS data.
Nerdy yes, but kind of interesting.

» Mandelbulb

Essentially, 3-D renderings of Mandelbrot fractal sequences. Some of these are stunning. (And yes I know: NERD!)

» 6 Differences

A soothing flash game with some quite nice music. Enjoy.

Bonus Link!

» How To Use An Apostrophe

[self explanatory]
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Happy Friday, Friday people!